A huge thank-you for your tireless efforts and faultless profressioalism!  Your beautiful cakes made a little girl's dream come true today.

Rita Mak



I had the amazing experience to have Noah's birthday cake beautifully crafted and exquisitely designed and perfected by Leanne Jeffs from The Little Cupcake Studio.   It would be unfair to rate that piece of art as just a simple cake.  It did taste like the best cake we have ever tasted but it looked like nothing I have ever come across before !  It was just what Noah's birthday needed to take it to another extra special level !
And dealing with Leanne was an absolute pleasure   She has a perfectionist eye and pays a lot of attention to all the details and she is sure to deliver We would highly recommend The Little Cupcake Studio.
Thanks Leanne

Sarah x



And it tasted as amazing as it looked ! Random people were stopping to take a photo of the cake Lea ! Noah's eye popped when he saw it the first time and he was one happy lucky boy and so were all the lucky boys that had the chance to steal away a soccer ball. What an incredibly amazing and outstanding job.  Thank you Lea for the love and extra care put into Noah's cake.   You made his day extra special !

Dear Leanne,


I had meant to write and say how much we had ALL loved the party! It was so well organised and such a treat for the girls to be entertained by an activity that they enjoyed and that challenged them at the same time.  Your excellent preparation and organisation meant David and I were able to sit and relax as 12  eleven year old girls were entertained.     To see what they produced at the end of the party was amazing.     You had them all engaged for over 2 hours and they were very proud of themselves at the end.  I would highly recommend this as a birthday party idea.  Lexi can’t wait to join another one of your workshops! Thanks again for all your work in making the day a party Lexi will remember.


Kind regards,




Dear Leanne,



My daughter and I were thrilled with the success of her birthday party.  

Your tuition enabled the girls to graduate from sticking smarties on icing to creating elegantly decorated cup cakes.  Even though the cup cakes looked scrumptious, the girls were so proud of their creations that they resisted the temptation to devour them so they could show their parents. The Little Cupcake Studio workshop was an incredibly special experience.   

Thank you so much.

Warm Regards, Jasmine



As a friend, we called upon Leanne to bake cupcakes for a 21st Birthday Celebration, and we could not have been happier with the service she provided. Not only were the cupcakes delicious (gone within 10 minutes of them being served), she was so incredibly helpful in selecting the cupcakes to match the theme and was accommodating to all our needs and wishes. Would recommend to anyone looking for amazing cupcakes for any celebration.       Kate Collin

As part of our daughter’s 13th birthday celebration, we had The Little Cupcake Studio to our home to run a workshop for ten people.  It did not take long for the girls to realise that this was not about placing a few lollies on a cupcake, but rather a means to acquiring an artistic skill and that they would be taught in an extremely professional manner.  It was evident from the outset that Leanne’s meticulous preparation led the way for a smooth, engaging and informative workshop that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.   It was joyous to observe a group of 13 year old teenagers having so much fun whilst in a learning and creative environment.    We look forward to the next Workshop opportunity and would not hesitate recommending The Little Cupcake Studio to anyone who values quality, professionalism, artistic talent and some purely sweet sticky fun!!    Karen Hunt